Color Coated Profiles

Color Coated Profile Sheets are the profile sheets with the color coating over the metal surface of these sheets. Read More


Purlins are horizontal structures that are used to support the load from the roof deck or the sheathing. Read More


Vjh InfraTech committed to serving the construction industry by manufacturing high quality. Read More


PEB systems are extensively used in industrial and many other non residential constructions worldwide. Read More

Crimp Sheets

The range of Crimping Sheets offered by us is designed to provide a perfect curve to the sheet metal. Read More


Louvers systems serve to improve indoor daylighting. Fixed mirrored louver systems can limit glare and of redirect diffuse light. Read More

Self Drilling Skrews

We are suppliers of self drilling screws and fasteners. We have variety of roofing screws with good quality. Read More

Turnkey Solutions

Vjh InfraTech offers valuable services for turnkey solution for roofing and cladding work, we undertake all the. Read More

Turbo Ventilators

Turbine Roof Ventilation exhausts stale, hot air form buildings and allows it to be reinstated at low level. Read More

FRP Skylight

FRP Skylight / Chemical Resistant Sheets is a Fiber Glass Reinforced u/v stabilized. Read More